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Leffe is a beer with nearly 800 years of historyand brewing tradition.

With “Global Performance Awards” (Exceptional products – ITQI) from 2005 until today. 

Leffe, with its unique brewing heritage, produced in Belgium the last 800 years.

Belongs in the premium beer segment category.

Today, Leffe is present in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Leffe Blonde: With a dry, fruity, lightly spiced, full and creamy taste.

Available in: bottle 33cl and Keg 30l.


Leffe Brune: With Strong and full body taste. This rich variety combines the rich aroma of roasted caramel with a slightly sweet finish.

Available in: bottle 33cl.


Leffe Radieuse: Combines a very complex taste pallet and the fruity flavours. It is a beer to drink instead of complex wines.

Available in: bottle 33cl.


Leffe Rossa: It is a Belgian monastery-style beer with dark and slightly reddish color. Its taste is fruity, spicy and slightly sweet.

Available in: Keg 30l.







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