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Sailor Jerry was an innovator and a true independent spirit. Born in California in 1911, Norman began tattooing in his teens as he travelled around America hopping freight trains. At 19, he had seen most of the United States and set out with the Navy to see the world. It was a journey that not only saw him get his first tattoos and his nickname of Sailor Jerry, but introduced him to Asian art and imagery as well from which he took much of his inspiration in tattoo design. After leaving the Navy he set up his own tattoo shop in Honolulu, his work spreads and he becomes a true legend of tattoos!

Back in Norman Collins’ day real men were sailors and sailors drank rum, often blended with spices taken from the ship’s galley to give it a more distinctive flavor. The all natural spices in Sailor Jerry are a rich and complex blend of vanilla, cinnamon and cassia, reminiscent of those flavorful on-board concoctions. Our rum bears the man’s signature because we believe in the old-school values of independence, hard work, and unyielding standards of craftsmanship. It all comes down to standing up for what you believe in, and we believe in making rum the authentic way. Drink it how you like it: straight, simple or in a cocktail…





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