Gibsons Pink



A history of three centuries ago enriched with fine aromas and elegant flavours.
A great inspirer, Richard Hennessy, and a grand name that is associated with exceptional moments of contentment.

Hennessy is one of the top forty brands globally, and the third, in terms of sales value, brand of alcoholic beverages.

Its taste is unique and authentic.

It can be served in a tulip glass or as a cocktail depending on the brand's content. In a classy restaurant, or in a bar. With company, or alone. Hennessy is like no other. It can accompany any occasion and add value and prestige to any moment.

Hennessy Paradis Extra
Paradis Extra is the fruit of a series of marriages between hundreds of different eaux-de-vie, the oldest from 1890, nurtured to maturity by successive generations of the same family of cellar masters.
A veritable fireworks display of spices and peppery notes is softened by the fragrant scent of flowers. Finesse and elegance are the major characteristics. Perfectly harmonious in the mouth, Paradis Extra reveals itself to be smooth, full-bodied and long-lasting on the palate. Its force and finesse, plus the delicate flavour of rancio, give it a perfect balance.






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