Gibsons Pink



A family tradition that is lost in the middle of last century, was the only recipe that created the famous Ouzo Chios Tetteris.

Ouzo Chios Tetteris produced from the middle of last century. First it distilled by Stylianos Tetteris in 1846, initially as a product for domestic use. But soon with love and passion to produce the best anise spirit managed to make ouzo known throughout Chios.

Since 1912 founded and officially Distillery Tetteris and today continues nonstop production of Ouzo Tetteris, one of the best aniseed spirits with unique rich flavor.

With full, balanced flavor and soft aroma, the product reflects the tradition and history of 100 years of Distillery TETTERIS.

It is the authentic ouzo of Chios with the rare taste ... perfect for those who love the traditional flavors!




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